Flat Roof Contractors, London

We are a flat roof contractors based in Eltham and servicing London and offer flat roof repairs and replacements to suit depending on your requirements. Large commercial flat roofs, are installed as single ply flat roof, or a liquid system, these both remain flexible, hence their capability to cope with the large amounts of expansion and contraction. The refurbishing of a commercial roof will come under the latest CDM regulations, therefore the need to meet the latest insulation requirements, this will have a positive effect on reducing a company’s carbon foot print and the reduction of energy bills. If a roof has obstructions i.e. ventilation shafts or roof lights, our Euro Polymers liquid waterproofing systems will provide the best solution. We only supply materials that meet the relevant British Standards.

Flat roofs are normally covered with felt and bitumen, some also have other materials such as stone chippings or gravel in addition to help shield the felt from the sun. People complain that it fills and blocks guttering and gullies and gives an environment for moss and the like to grow. Over time felt becomes brittle with the sun and cold weather making it harder for the felt to cope with expansion and contraction, that is when the felt cracks and leads to leaks. Flat roofs can leak for a long period without any trace inside the property, this can cause structural damage to roof timbers, an average felt roof has a life span of 12 to 15 years, this gives traditional flat roofing a short and unpredictable lifespan, leading to frequent repairs and or total replacement. We only supply materials that meet the relevant British Standards.

For a professional and reliable flat roofing contractors covering London and the South East, call Alltype Roofing Company on 020 8859 2842.

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