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Roof Refurbishment in London

Is it Time for a Roof Refurbishment for Your Property?

If you’ve noticed issues with your roof – from cracks, to draughts, leaks or other structural issues, it could be time to book a refurbishment. Leaving problems can cost you in time, money and energy waste, so it’s important to keep on top of your roof maintenance.

We offer:

  • Planned maintenance and advice on refurbishment from experienced roofers with skills in a variety of roofing materials – from asphalt to mineral felt, slate tile and lead.
  • Refurbishment and repair for flat and sloped roofs, as well as diagnosis of leaks to ensure your property doesn’t suffer damage from hard to spot issues.
  • Refurbishment and repair of flashing, gutters, chimneys and pipes and roofing shingles, as well as cracked or damaged tiles. We’ll help you spot and fix damage from ice cracks and algae – leading causes of maintenance issues in roofs.
  • Diagnosis and correction of leaks, preventing you from suffering water damage in your loft, damp in your walls or severe structural damage to your roof.
  • Emergency repairs and refurbishment advice if you need help in a hurry!

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will carry out a full assessment of your property and provide a comprehensive quote, with clear and reasonable pricing.

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Roof Refurbishment London