Ridge Tile Roof Repair in London

Pitched slate and tiled roofs are capped (sealed) by ridge and hip tiles which run along the apex (joints) and overlap onto the roof tiles. Generally, the profiles for ridge tiles are half round and angular; with angular ridge tiles being used for slate roofs.

When fitting ridge tiles we always incorporate vents for ventilating the roof space. Fitting specialist, job specific Redland ridge systems, which ensures product reliability. However for more traditional (aesthetic) requirements we bed and fix ridge tiles to the rafters, laid over damp proof membranes, protecting the batten from damp.

Having correctly fitted ridge and hip tiles on your roof is crucial within ensuring the longevity of a roof. Addressing a ridge tile roof repair early can reduce the need to replace your existing roof at a later date.

A ridge tile roof repair is the most common call out we receive. Traditionally ridge and hip tiles were fixed with mortar. Because mortar is heavily dependant on the weather, it is prone to cracking and breaking up over time. Because of this nearly two thirds of all roofing claims are related to ridge failure.

When addressing a ridge tile roof repair we ensure that it complies with British Standard BS 5534.

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