Flat Roof Repairs


Flat Roof Repairs in London

Does your property have a flat roof that’s in need of repair and maintenance? Are you suffering from damage or leaks to your flat roof? We have a range of roof repair services to help.

Having a leaking flat roof is not only annoying; it can cause severe damage to your property and belongings. Flat roofs are more susceptible to leaks than sloped roofs, especially in the wet British climate.

Flat Roofs leak for a number of reasons but these can include:

  • Poor design and bad drainage.
  • Bad workmanship and not adhering to best practice when installing the roof.
  • The roof holding water due to settlement of the timbers supporting it.

Additional damage from weathering, wear and tear, or poor maintenance can also damage your roof – leaving you with a potentially costly problem to resolve.

Modern flat roofs can last for up to 20 years if installed properly and regularly maintained, so it’s important to get your repairs done right and save yourself time and money further down the line.

Our team of experienced roofers can work with a variety of materials to ensure your repairs are completed quickly and efficiently, in many cases we can repair your flat roof on the spot. Call 020 8859 2842 for more information


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Flat Roof repairs london