Roof Repair London

We are a roofing contractors based in Eltham and servicing London and offer roof repairs and replacements to suit depending on your requirements.  It is vital that homeowners do their best to minimise the potential damage from the harsh weather. Dealing with problems at an early stage can ward off the need for more extensive and expensive roof repairs in the future.

However small a roof repair is, it needs to be attended to straight away to save any consequential damage though water ingress. When repairing a roof we always work to the British Standard – BS 5534, allocate specialist tradesmen to align with the roof requirements and ensure that we only install premium, reliable products.

Specialist tradesmen for each discipline

We are experienced in all aspects of roof repair work with specialist tradesmen for each discipline, including Slating and Tiling, Flat Roofing, Asphalting and Hard Metals.


Ridge Tile Roof Repairs

A ridge tile roof repair is the most common call out we receive. Traditionally ridge and hip tiles were fixed with mortar. Because mortar is heavily dependant on the weather, it is prone to cracking and breaking up over time. Because of this nearly two thirds of all roofing claims are related to ridge failure. Having correctly fitted ridge and hip tiles on your roof is crucial within ensuring the longevity of a roof. Addressing a ridge tile roof repair early can reduce the need to replace your existing roof at a later date.

When addressing a ridge tile roof repair we ensure that it complies with British Standard BS 5534.



Through the winter months a lot of roof repair work we receive is for guttering. Commonly guttering is blocked by leaves, which build up through the winter months. After repairing the gutter we install gutter brush (Hedgehog Gutter Guard).  We also look to fit Snow Guards as snow damage is caused by the weight of the snow as it melts, causing the gutter brackets to break. Another gutter based roof repair issue is caused by excess water flow which is a consequence of insufficient / too shallow depth gutter being fitted on large roofs. We address this by fitting Deep Flow Gutter.


Slate Roof Repairs

A slate roof can be expected to last longer than most other roof coverings, typically they will last over 100 years. Because of this it is important that the roof is maintained to retain it’s longevity. Over time, slates can become damaged or loose through adverse weather so any physical damage must be repaired to ensure the roof remains watertight.

For a professional and reliable roofing contractor covering London and the South East, call Alltype Roofing Company on 020 8859 2842.



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